Today the FC Hilton sent me a letter. So I sent them one

So the Hilton sent a letter to those who stayed there. It was written in corporate speak and generalized and deflected the responsibility of the Hilton to provide a safe, friendly place to stay. I was tired of playing bullshit bingo and decided I HAD to say something but I wanted to provide some solution as well as express tot hem that I did not see them taking  ownership  of failing to be a Hilton as I experience them. 

Do feel welcome discuss. If I didn't care what my friends thought, they wouldn't be my friends.

Darn LJ screwed up the formatting. Oh well.

Ms. Baldasano,

Thank you for the letter on behalf of the Hilton San Jose. After reading it, I wanted to point out that the letter in no way expresses that the Hilton takes ownership of it's treatment of guests last January. Terms such as 'YOU may have experienced challenges' put the weight of last year's mistakes clearly on the shoulders and perception of the customer. A more appropriate letter could simply have stated "We're sorry we made your stay stressful and would like to make it up to you by welcoming you." 

Your companies' letter reads as if our group was some mysterious entity that you needed to learn about. I go to many conventions of various types around the world and I assure you that this kind of convention is nowhere near  as complex or mysterious (or destructive, or hard to manage) as others I'm certain your location hosts. Your letter implies ignorance and some prejudiced idea that attendees were destructive or behavioral deviants and your company reacted as such to the guests. It's not as though you didn't have other hotels in the area we've used that you could check as references. these other hotels did a fine job from day 1 without some kind of 'learning year'. 

Let me put it in plain terms that I would not attend if I had to stay in your hotel again as I see things now. A not-so-very-apologetic letter that deflects your companies responsibilities is not going to get my business or those of friends I'm in contact with. I hope that you never have the experience of spending $600.00 to fly on a vacation to be accosted at the front desk of your hotel with a letter you must sign to check in that makes no sense and casts a dark pall over the upcoming weekend you've invested so much time in. That was the start and your hostile staff was the ending.

Companies best express apologies by taking ownership of the mistake. Your letter aside, I suggest if you ever want your location to shed the nickname 'Hanoi Hilton' with this group you do something a bit more substantial that clearly communicates that the Hilton is a friendly place. Any simple token goes a long way with this group. Give away some ice cream or something one day during the next Convention. Invite convention people to walk across the convention center to your far end and welcome them, hand them an ice cream cone or something. A relatively tiny cost would go a long way in creating a welcome and forgiving atmosphere and would very likely move a lot of attendees into a more positive mindset.

Ms. Baldasano, I thank you for your time and assure you I am in no way associated with the staff of Further Confusion. I wish you well and look forward to seeing the San Jose area again.

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Blitz the Cat Summer 2000 - 6-17-2012

Those who know me personally, know my cat, Blitz. Blitz was found as a pathetic little kitten under a bush in a friend's yard, mewling next to an empty can of food. I took him in, had a vet look him over and he was always at my side ever since, having really imprinted on me as his savior.

He grew into a big cat. He looked like a short hair mutt of a cat but he must have had some ragdoll in him somewhere in the past because he was big! Not just fat at 30lbs., but his body was big, too.

He was a great cat if a little pushy for attention all the time! He was very friendly and would run to the door to meet strangers and I think viewed them as new people who could be petting him.

On Wednesday the 13th, I noticed Blitz favoring a paw so I examined it and he had some litter crammed into a claw sheath. He let me clean it out and he seemed fine before I left for Pittsburgh on the 14th, but I had a friend looking in on him just in case.

I came home to be told he is acting weird. I'd say laying in his own filth and vomiting bile was weird, yes. His abdomen was distended some and he was really in an awful way. He had a fever so I cooled him off with some water and a fan, which seemed to make him more comfortable. 

I thought at one point he might be recovering some, he started to move around but then mewed until I held him and expired. I observed whatever had taken hold of him was too entrenched or I would have tried an emergency vet that's a bit of a drive. I don't think he would have made it. 

He was a good kitty. He will be missed. 

Enjoy the time you have with your furry kids, life is fleeting and without warning, sometimes, they leave us. 

I needed to write something where the friends I know personally and those who I do not, but may care would see it. Don't feel obligated to write condolences, I know my friends are in my corner. 

FC plans and more

I see 6-1-2012 FC hotel reg opens. I plan to get rooms in the Mariotte or not go. I say this now in case the usual group wants to consider other plans. I do not plan to be in the Hilton regardless of the apologies or whatever the con received from them for this next year. The Hilton can go to hell.

Friends that have known me for a long time, like from Confurance 7+ time frame, will remember I used to video tape everything. Back in those days it was hell and timing to edit videos between VCRs and as time passed, you could get a video bridge to sample it, but it was still time consuming and hard to edit. My taping of everything stopped about when my Sony TVR33 handycam went blind less than a month out of warranty and I stopped taping.

Thanks in no small part to BigBlueFox (One of, if not the most well known pro video maker in the fandom), who at FCN, I had the chance to spend some time with, I have the bug again. I have it bad. I have a Gopro and I plan to get another. I have a Canon video camera picked out (no DSLR for me) and my AC I'll be taping again. Or should I say Carding, since it's all stored on cards now :3.

Some may remember the out of con experiences we had I still have on tape such as: Places in the hotel you aren't supposed to be, 5 drunks make a meatloaf and so on.

Huge learning curve to get over with the editing software and all but now, unlike before, YouTube lets us share easily and so on. I look forward to taking up my old hobby. 

Cons aside, my friends who semi-pro drag race will get a lot of footage I'm sure they will enjoy watching.
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Update - car - cons and all that

Feb 29 I bought a new car. I bought a 2012 Nissan Altima with everything but the Nav system. They gave me a sweet deal  since my brother has been their Master Tech Mechanic for 15 years. I still have the Suburban, but it is sitting in wait for use now. The Nissan is a great car and I highly recommend them. The 2013 model will be out soon and it looks amazing as well!

I went to FCN in the Detroit area, here's my con report:

It was probably one of the best cons I've been to. It was small and I forced myself to go out and do a few things I've never done before and that paid off.
First, I met up with Loriana and Xaneth. Lori and I have been friends a looong time. They were rooming with BigBlueFox, whom I also met and we hit it off. Well BBF had a Hero2 camera ( and so of course Lori and Xan geeked out and bought one from Best Buy next door. Well Thursday I decided to get one so we became this small army of Hero2 cameras poking around recording everything. This and having a few drinks here and there.
I helped with the Fursuit games (helped Huscoon) which was fun. Fursuiters are like herding cats. I was very amused and it was a bummer I had to leave in the middle on Sunday. I will likely help next year, too.
I attended the dance competition, something I never considered before but it was done well and Huscoon did a great job. Huscoon is like the 'Sports Announcer' of the fandom (In my never humble opinion). He just needs his suit pants tailored and real dress shoes he can stand in a long time.
Thursday I escaped work at 5:00, Picked up Khyle Wolf from Texas at the airport and we went for some food. By 7:00 we were on the road proper after hitting a liquor store and getting some Jager, fruit loop vodka and some Kraken rum.
Traffic on 80 was backed up due to construction and an accident so we made it in by 10:30pm. I hit the bar with Xan and Loriana and then eventually BBF was around (BBF comes and goes like the tide, following things to tape and of course people he knows). Tillikum stopped by to see the others up at the room (the room Khyle and I were sharing) and I met him. He's a nice German guy who's dying to move to the USA. We drank some more and goofed around until about 4am then called it a night.
Thursday I went to the LXBBF (Lori Xan BBF) room and played with the Hero2 cameras. And I smiled and said we should walk to Best buy and look around. Well they weren't fooled and in an hour we were back and charging them all up. I really like the Hero2, it's great for grabbing all  kinds of footage because it's easy to mount on a  monopod and hold up high or down low. Until about 2002 I used to tape a lot at all kinds of cons I went to until my Camcorder died (Sony DRV33 - Sensor died, the line was badly made). Editing was a pain then, too. Now of course it's very easy so I may start again. BBF liked some of what I caught so I may get some recordings into his FCN con video.
I acquired a Super Sponsor membership and we had breakfast. 10.00 for a simple buffet was nice and reasonable for the hotel. It was obvious they really didn't want people to leave the hotel. We bounced around the con some more and ended up around 2am splitting up and I went to bed. In that time, Roby showed that evening with his wiener (Sid the dox - dox - douchehound).
Saturday was food, the Fursuit parade then games, some light drinking and then my special buy for the con was worn. I bought a creepy horse head mask from Think Geek and wore it with a bright red dress jacket. It was especially creepy and yet funny because being latex, it wiggled oddly when I moved it certain ways. As I walked into the restaurant / bar a lot of people who were not with the con but obvious head there for weekend drink were laughing a lot. Kage was nearby, I couldn't see him or anything, really, but on the video he was falling out of his chair. So it was a lot of laughs for a 25.00 mask. I had a lot of fun telling fursuiters they looked like a freak while I wore it.
After getting back and unmasking, we bopped around the con, saw the dance which was playing trance/vomit/electronic noises. We ended up in the bar at midnight with me, Lori, Xan, BBF and had a pizza an people watched a bit while BBF backed up video files and taped a few people..
Sunday was herding cats getting everyone ready to go so I could check out, and then helping Roby with his luggage. By 12:30 we were all out of the room and saying goodbyes to some. I had to leave at 4 to take Khyle to the airport in Detroit so at 1 I helped out with prepping for the FS games and then being one of the 'Enforcers' to keep the FS's in line. Like that can be done! FS's are like overheating kids wrapped in carpets who you expect to fall over at any time but they don't! So I helped herd and recorded with the Hero2 and so on.
At 4 we rolled out and I had a nice ride home after helping Khyle get his cases to the check in desk. 

The rest is the drive home!
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Findra Died?

I'm reading all over Findra Died yesterday?! WTF happened? All these 'RIP' posts but no content  on what  happened. Anyone have any info? I knew Findra, He's going to be missed.

Free Icons from Tod

 This is Tod, not me (if you know me), who is Todd. Hes an artist that offers free icons (see rules)

He's super nice and very generous and deserves to be supported with tips when possible but he is happy to do a free icon for you (see rules on his page). Please cross post and spread the word!



See finished examples: Mine are 5 down, 3 and 4 from the left. :) Also the space fox at the bottom large.

Oh yeah, look at my FA page, I been drawing again. :)
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